Reported scams in Alamance County at record high

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- Alamance County sheriff's deputies say reports of scams by phone and email are at a record high.

For the month of August, the department had the most number of reported scams at 22; so far this year there have been a total of 87.

Department spokesman Randy Jones said that there are more, but the number on record is only for those who filed an official report.

“I have actually conversed with people that call me to provide phone numbers and things of that nature that have admitted that they have a financial loss and did not file a report. They declined to do that because of embarrassment,” Jones said.

Jones said that people should not feel embarrassed but be sure to share what they learned to others. He said the most common complaint is of phone scams by those pretending to be members of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Jones advised people that the IRS does not make personal calls if there is an issue. People should not give their personal financial information over the phone, be cautious when a company solicits you for business by phone or email and, lastly, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

“A number have come out of Jamaica and obviously the IRS isn’t calling you from there. Of course, the IRS isn’t calling you anyway,” Jones said. “Or just hang up. A lot of times if you pay these people the money or send something to them very seldom are we going to get justice for you.”

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