Emerywood Fine Foods closes doors, leaves employees waiting for checks

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Cory Brockington still can't believe his job of the past two years is now gone.

"You just let us go just like that,” he said. “No fair warning. We didn't even know what was coming."

Brockington was a cook at Emerywood Fine Foods on West Lexington Avenue.

But when he showed up for work on Sept. 6, he and other employees were told it was their last day.

"They put signs on the door the same day saying, 'Closed until further notice,'" Brockington said.

Brockington says none of the employees were told why.

"No explanation, no 'I'm sorry,' no nothing," he said.

Making matters worse, the cook says when he and others tried to pick up their checks this week, they left empty-handed.

"Our boss told us he can't pay us," he said. "We worked almost two weeks for free, that's unfair."

Brockington says problems getting paid started a few weeks ago when he says most of the workers' pay checks bounced.

“The majority of the wait staff, their checks bounced,” he said. “Some of the cooks in the back, their checks bounced."

The father of two with another baby on the way says the timing couldn't be worse.

"I was getting ready to move into an apartment,” he said. “Now I'm in a bind as to how I'm going to pay the rent? How am I going to feed my sons?”

The doors to the restaurant -- which has been in High Point for more than 20 years -- closed last week and the owner, Steve Shellberg, confirmed to FOX8 Tuesday night the restaurant is closed indefinitely.

And unless the doors reopen, Brockington says he and other workers will have to find something else.

"I’ve got to take care of my boys so I’ve got to keep looking,” he said.

Shellberg sent this statement to FOX8:

"We've been a part of High Point for many successful years. I will make sure that our staff has the proper tools to finish the job and that we compensate appropriately. It has been an honor to serve the High Point community and beyond."

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