Multiple American flags stolen in Greensboro neighborhood, suspect caught on video

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GREENSBORO, NC -- They've got a monetary value of only about $20. But symbolically -- they mean a whole lot more.

Greensboro Police said they are investigating three reports of American flags being stolen in the Sunset Hills neighborhood.

One was stolen from the porch of a 20-year Navy veteran, Douglas Thurbon.

"With this flag, what it represents -- people died for that," Thurbon said. "And you waste that opportunity stealing stuff? That's just sad."

Thurbon said neighbors realized Labor Day morning that their American flags were missing, along with a few other items, he said - an Ohio State flag, an Australian flag, and some cushions from porch furniture.

"You have to wonder, a lot of anti-American sentiment right now, was that the main feature of this guy's reasoning? And he just happened to find other things to trash as well?" Thurbon questioned.

One home that was targeted has a surveillance camera, and caught pictures of the man taking the flag off the porch shortly before 4:00 a.m. Sept. 5.

"Somebody has seen this guy before," Thurbon said. "I think sooner or later, we're going to find out who it is."

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