ITT Tech shutdown hard on veterans

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The fallout to ITT Technical Institute shutting down is affecting veterans attending classes on the GI Bill.

Due to federal law veterans can't get their money back while traditional students receiving federal financial aid may get their student loans forgiven. Many students are finding it hard to find other colleges to accept ITT's course work.

"We just had a baby so my time was really taken up between work, school, the baby and all that and trying to get this education complete and now it's just come to a standstill," said Charles Brown, who served in the Marine Corps for 13 years and was deployed six times, including time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brown was just two months away from graduating with a bachelor's degree in cyber security. "We are trying to get ITT to pay the money back to the VA so the VA can continue to pay our tuition at the school of our choosing."

Nearly 7,000 veterans were attending ITT Tech when it shut down last week. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence called on the VA to provide relief to veterans caught in the middle. Many are calling on lawmakers to step in.

A similar situation happened last year when Corinthian College shut down. Lawmakers from both sides attempted to change the existing law to give veterans relief but it stalled in congress.