WTF lawn sign causing controversy in small Connecticut town

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One Woodbury resident is using lawn signs to express his frustration with how taxpayers funds are being used in town, however it is causing controversy with residents

WOODBURY, Conn. — One Woodbury resident is using lawn signs to express his frustration with how taxpayers funds are being used in town, however, it is causing controversy with residents.

Homeowner Tom Arras made wooden letters W, T, and F. He then painted on the letters were the words “Woodbury wastes taxpayer funds” and recently, posted them on his front lawn on Main Street South.

The sign is sandwiched by businesses and residential homes. Neighbors have called it a disgrace and an eyesore. They called for the sign to be taken down.

“It’s not real offensive,” Andrew Donlin, of Woodbury, said. “But, it’s not keeping with the town and what they try and project here.”

With schools in the area, parents told Eyewitness News that the sign is offensive to students walking to classes.

The homeowner previously posted a sign personally attacking the First Selectman William Butterly, Jr. It was on his front lawn for a year and a half.

“He never told me what the problem was,” Butterly said.

Butterly said he was shocked to see the sign that read “Butterly utterly utterly disappointing.” This time around, Butterly said he was outraged and the sign portrays a more inappropriate meaning.

“He’s trying to tell you this sign is what WTF stands for,” Butterly said.

Since Arras’ home is in a historical district, the Woodbury Historical Commission sent a letter to him in May. The letter said Needs to submit an application for a certificate of appropriateness.

When Arras didn’t comply or respond, the land use enforcement officer issued a cease-and-desist. That order wasn’t responded to.

“Without a change in the ordinance as to how our signs are put up, there’s not much we can do right now,” Butterly said.

The Woodbury Historical Commission has voted to ask the board of selectmen for authorization to have the town counsel bring legal action against the homeowner.

The town’s attorney will report back by the end of this month with his recommendations.

People started noticing the new sign this week, possibly around Tuesday.

Eyewitness News tried to reach out to Arras, but he was not home on Wednesday.