Greensboro bond could help neighborhood continue redevelopment

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- One of Greensboro's most historic neighborhoods located on real estate just outside downtown could get a boost as long as people vote yes on the bond referendum this November.

Hidden within a potential $38.5 million for community and economic development is $1 million for the Ole Asheboro neighborhood.

Carl Brower has lived in the neighborhood his entire life and is now on a mission to restore it to what it once was. The bond money is intended to attract developers to build affordable single family homes on vacant lots throughout the neighborhood.

"My idea is let's prove that we can do something with this million and maybe go for another bond referendum down the road," Brower said. Brower is the vice chair of the Ole Asheboro Neighborhood Association.

Brower is looking at the big picture. He's already put countless hours over the last 30 years into making the streets a better place to live.

"Started out with trying to get sidewalks paved, street lights, always been fighting crime and prostitution along the area," Brower said.

Brower says building affordable homes will increase ownership and stabilize the neighborhood. The city already did a similar project, building three homes, that was successful.

"If you can get a significant number at once then you really see and feel the difference in a neighborhood," says Sue Schwartz, planning director for the City of Greensboro.

Schwartz says the intent of the bond is to keep momentum going in a neighborhood the city has already invested time and money.

"We want to finish strong in Ole Asheboro. They've been a great neighborhood, we've been working there a long time and here's an opportunity with an infusion of an investment to really finish out the work that we started over there," she said.

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