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Car plunges into river after spider falls into teen’s lap

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The Daily Telegraph - Twitter

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — This is arachnophobia in the worst way.

The Daily Telegraph reports that an 18-year-old teenager from Sydney, Australia, was sitting at a ramp when a huntsman spider fell from the car’s visor and into her lap.

Terrified, the girl jumped out of the car and began to flail her body, attempting to get the spider off of her.

As she was brushing the spider away, the car began to slowly roll forward and dove into the water.

“It was like it all happened in slow motion,” one witness said of the incident.

Once police arrived, the car had already sunk into the river and needed to be towed back to shore. After several hours, the vehicle was back on dry land.

Luckily, the spider didn’t bite her.

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