Texas student and her 82-year-old grandfather attend college together

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Rene Neira, 82, and his granddaughter Melanie Salazar, 18.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — An 18-year-old Texas girl who recently began her first college semester did so with her grandfather as a fellow classmate.

Melanie Salazar, a first-year student at a Palo Alto Community College, highlights 82-year-old Rene Neira’s impressive accomplishment in a tweet.

It reads, “I’m so proud of my grandpa for finishing his first day at PAC this semester! 82 years old and not giving up!”

Salazar told ABC News that when her grandfather graduates this fall, he plans to enroll at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

“I don’t want to take credit for it. It’s not my story. It’s all my grandpa’s story. I just so happen to have social media,” Salazar said. “It’s amazing that it just took off and people are inspired by this and motivated, more importantly, to get their education.”

Since it was published on Aug. 24, the post has accrued more than 2,256 shares and 5,287 likes.

It just goes to show that it’s never too late to go back to school.

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