Ministry starts women’s drug recovery house in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- In the Piedmont, there is a growing crisis of drug addiction and drug overdoses.

Right now, a local ministry wants to offer hope and healing through a women’s recovery house in High Point.

Since 2008, Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services Incorporated has focused on helping men out of substance abuse addictions.

“And we’ve done that with houses in High Point with men living in a family setting, but our vision has been to expand that for women because of the lack of Christ-centered recovery centers in this area for women,” said Alice Meindl, co-executive director of Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services, Inc.

The house will be a home for about four to six women.

They will go through a nine month program while living there.

It’s not a detox program, but one that helps them reclaim their identity and discover their purpose in life.

Sandra Butler hopes her own story will encourage the women.

“I nearly died seven times from alcohol poisoning,” she said.

For 25 years, Butler struggled with alcohol addiction.

She says God is using her journey for her new purpose.

She will be working with the women as house manager.

“I want them to look at me and see two things – that they don’t want to wait until they are 52 years old to put those drugs down and get their life right, and I want them to see what Jesus has done to a broken messed-up person,” Butler said.

“There’s a mother somewhere that will not have to worry about getting a phone call that night that her daughter is dead from an overdose. That’s a transformation,” Meindl said.

The house is expected to open at the end of next month.

For privacy reasons, leaders do not want to give the home’s street address.

A golf tournament fundraiser is scheduled for Oct. 1 at Winding Creek Golf Course to support the purchase of the house.

Applications are currently being accepted from women who want to enroll.

There is also a need for donations, including items for the women and furnishings for the house.

Contact the ministry’s office for more information.