Inspections reveal violations for Summit Executive Center apartments in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Reports of bedbugs and other problems at the Summit Executive Center apartments got the attention of the City of Greensboro a couple of weeks ago.

The city has since issued at least a dozen citations for the complex. They sent out a list of violations on Tuesday from their recent inspections:

  • Unclean and unsanitary conditions – 21 units
  • Pest infestation (bedbugs, roaches) – 23 units
  • Damaged light fixture and missing light covers - 3 units
  • Make windows operable and weather proof – 23 units
  • Repair exterior doors – make operable and weather proof – 23 units
  • Secure loose toilets – 8 units
  • Repair toilet flush valve – 1 unit
  • Reseal tub surround – 1 unit
  • Plumbing fixtures leaking – 16 units
  • Sewer drains slow or clogged – 16 units
  • Repair walls and ceilings – 21 units
  • Repair peeling and chipping paint – 19 units
  • Repair switches and receptacles -4 units
  • Electrical equipment and wiring needs repair – 21 units
  • Missing or inoperable smoke detectors – 16 units
  • Heating system needs repair – 1 unit
  • Bath exhaust fans needed – 12 units
  • Repair cabinets – 1 unit
  • Repair loose flooring – 17 units
  • Repair exterior building soffit
  • Repair exterior lighting
  • Repair exterior walls, replace damaged siding
  • Exterior walls needs paint
  • Install proper unit numbers
  • Repair roof and flashing

Terry there is a tenant at the complex and says he would rather stand outside than be inside most of the time. He has so many bed bugs he’s kept many of them in a bottle.

“30, 40 just guesstimating,” he said, as he shook up the bottle.

Up and down Thore’s body are bites from living with them. For past 15 months, he's rented at the Summit Executive Center apartments.

“All over my chest and my belly… and it is embarrassing, shameful. A loss of dignity,” he stated.

“People who have choices get what the pay for. People who don't have choices get what they can,” explained Brett Byerly, executive director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition.

Byerly says in situations like this, people often have no idea on where to turn.

“We are able to look at where the fault is and try to mediate it. The best outcome is that the tenant gets to continue living there, the problem gets fixed. But when you have cases like this I don't see a situation where that's going to happen,” Byerly said.

He says in most cases those who can't afford better apartments are left with no choice.

The group is now working with the tenants here to move out, looking to find them places to stay and even help with rent.

“They've been doing a lot of work. They gave me a couple of leads and I’ve checked them out,” Thore said.

However, the property manager, who goes by Roya, told FOX8 off camera that the complex provided pest control services just in the last month.

She says it's not them, but the people that move in.

“I don't deserve to live like this,” said Thore.

The next step per the city’s minimum housing code ordinance is the issuance of a hearing notice and list of violations to the property owner, Paul Watkins.

Watkins is scheduled for Sept. 22, which will be followed by the order to repair being issued to him.

Documentation shows that Watkins owes close to $9,000 in property taxes which is due Wednesday.

We did attempt to reach out to Watkins but have not heard back.