Naked Oregon man fell through roof onto grill

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Russell Hess, 55.

EUGENE, Ore. — A naked Oregon man who was standing on top of a patio roof fell through it and landed on a grill.

55-year-old Russell Hess is facing trespassing and prohibited nudity charges after police found him on top of the roof Thursday afternoon, according to KVAL.

Hess initially attempted to enter the home, banging on the door and trying to undo the doorknob. After the homeowner told him to leave, he became restless and got on top of the roof.

The original call said he seemed to be in an altered state.

“We located a ladder and we were trying to talk him over to get him off safely,” said Sgt. Marcus Page, according to KVAL. “and that’s when the Plexiglas that he fell through was actually further in on the roof over the patio and he wasn’t paying attention as he walked toward the edge there and fell through about four feet from the edge.”

In addition to being naked, police say he was in the view of children playing a nearby park.

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