Local nonprofits trying to help people with drug addictions

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Several local nonprofits are trying to fight drug addiction and stop the spread of diseases shared through dirty needles by trying to start a syringe exchange program in Winston-Salem.

Syringe exchange programs allow people who use injection drugs, like heroin, to turn in their used or dirty needles in exchange for free, clean ones.

AIDS care service is one of several nonprofits trying to open a syringe exchange in Winston-Salem.

The larger part of what the programs do is offer access to treatment and rehabilitation.

According to the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, people who use syringe exchange programs are five times more likely to get treatment than those who don't.

Greensboro opened its first syringe exchange program last month.

In July, syringe exchange programs became legal in North Carolina.