High Point official says water scare was a ‘lesson learned’

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Sumela restaurant in High Point, like most places, couldn't help but to have high expectations going into the busy weekend.

"Business, I think it was slow in High Point for everybody,” said owner Mehmet Cakal.

Cakal said business was slower than expected.

"It seems like most of them already heard about it. Either they didn't come out or they came in and choose whether to drink,” he explained.

Terry Houk, High Point's director of Public Services, says at this point the city doesn't know how E. Coli bacteria was found in a private line on Sherry Court in Jamestown.

"Can’t say what it was. It could be some type of contamination at the faucet. We just called the homeowner and told them about,” he said. "We did ask the homeowner if they did any recent plumbing or something and they said no. So we really don't know what happened.”

High Point city officials says they have a voluntary public information system that people can sign up on the city's website that alerts them in case of an emergency.

Also people can receive alerts through the city’s social media platforms.

"We have public information with a system wide broadcast and that's how we get it out. I think on our end we got it out as soon as we could get it out,” Houk said. "I think it's a lesson learned; [there is] probably some stuff we are going to do, if it ever happens again -- again this has never happened before. If this ever happens again, we will have some type of protocol.”

"In the future, if something happens, we’ll like to know,” Cakal said.

The city says that offering another way to dispersing information is an idea that will be brought up.

It’s easy to sign up for emergency notifications from the City of High Point. Just click here to get started.

Once you're there, just enter your email address and choose which alerts you'd like to receive.