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Multiple North Carolina restaurants are listed among the best in the South

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Southern Living magazine recently published a list of the best new restaurants in the South and several in North Carolina made the cut.

The unranked list featured 25 restaurants and included two eateries each in Asheville and Washington and others in Raleigh, Davidson, Wilmington and Winterville.

“We hit the road to discover the hottest tables across the region right now,” according to the article, which featured restaurants serving multiple foods and flavors.

The following was written about Buxton Hall in Asheville:

Green beans simmer under the cooking pig, basting in unctuous pork drippings. Braised collards sing with the tang of cider vinegar and the spice of fresh black pepper. Here, you could create the ultimate vegetable plate and never think twice. The smoked fried catfish sandwich might be the real menu sleeper, though.

Here’s what they said about Kinship in Washington:

Any restaurant that features an entire lobe of roasted foie gras isn’t messing around. There’s even a section of the menu called “Indulgence,” from which you can select French toast piled with hunks of rosy lobster.

Read more, see full list: Southern Living

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