This NC couple got their wedding crashed by tons of llamas

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FLAT ROCK, N.C. — On a wedding day, nobody wants drama. But, what about llama?

A North Carolina couple are now internet-famous thanks to pics posted online of their wedding reception — which just happen to coincide with the same venue as a llama convention.

Resulting pics of the happy couple with their wily wedding crashers are making the rounds on Reddit and Facebook.

Drew Kluger and Alexis Wilson got married at a hotel in the mountains of Flat Rock, N.C. in March, according to Buzzfeed.

The llama convention takes place every year and llamas can go in and out of the hotel.

“We had a room booked for an after party, but then the llama people were like, ‘Come party with us!’” said Alexis Wilson. “So we walked into the room, and there were tons of llama people jamming out.”

Wilson said the animals were well-behaved and “really sweet.”

“They brought the llamas upstairs and downstairs, and outside and inside,” she said. “It was just crazy. They loved it, and we loved it.”