John Maginnes feels at ‘home’ at Wyndham Championship

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“I've been really lucky,” says John Maginnes.

That may sound odd from a guy who set his sights on playing professional golf in the 6th grade and had his career cut short by an injury, just when it seemed he was beginning to break out in 2004.

Growing up in Durham, the PGA Tour seemed a long way away.

“I went to East Carolina specifically to play Division I golf,” says Maginnes. “Studying English and philosophy just happened to be things you could spend more time at the golf course because all you had to do was read - and I could read.”

But the golfing career helped him quickly transition into broadcasting golf – both on TV and the radio – and Maginnes quickly decided on what kind of broadcaster he wanted to be.

“You have to either be a critical broadcaster or a players broadcaster,” he says. “I don't say anything on the radio or television that I wouldn't say if (the player) were sitting at the bar, next to me.”

He’s spent the last 20+ years living in Greensboro to be close to his children. The tour moves every week, anyway … no reason to live in any particular spot.

But that makes the Wyndham week a favorite – the “home game,” on the course at the club to which Maginnes belongs.

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