California teens attacked by 3 angry otters

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SHASTA LAKE, Calif. -- Two California teenagers were otterly shocked after they were attacked by three otters on Sunday.

Jacob Savage, 14, and Chris Whitney, 13, were enjoying a relaxing day at Shasta Lake when the animals surrounded them and began to attack, according to KRCR.

"We had to swim back about 70 yards, back to our camp, and they just kept getting at our legs and our feet," Whitney said.

Whitney said one came out of the water more than 10 times.

After the duo made their way back to shore, they took a quick trip to the hospital to get rabies shots.

But the incident, which Whitney deemed terrifying and hilarious all in its own, is more common than many may think.

"Sometimes we clash and then that's when it happens," said Sharon Clay, curator of animal programs at Turtle Bay Exploration Park. "So if you are in their territory and they some reason feel threatened they are going to come at you."

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