Cop pulls woman over, woman opens can of beer in front of officer

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Chenoa Taylor

MADISON, Wis. — A Wisconsin woman suspected of drinking and driving opened a can of beer in front of the officer who pulled her over Wednesday night.

Police say they pulled over 42-year-old Chenoa Taylor for driving fast and where traffic wasn’t allowed, according to WISC-TV. From there, the officer yelled at the¬†woman to slow down, flashing a light at her.

Instead of slowing down, the woman continued to drive quickly and the officer hopped into her squad car to pull her over.

Once the officer pulled Taylor over, the woman opened a can of beer and began drinking it in front of the officer.

After she was taken into custody, police charged her with suspicion of reckless driving endangering safety, a driver having open intoxicants in a moving vehicle, resisting and operating without a valid license and second-offense operating while intoxicated.