New plans in Denton after severe flooding in December

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DENTON, N.C. -- Nearly eight months after heavy rains caused flood damage to homes and businesses in Denton, the shelves and displays are almost back to normal at Wilson Carter Supply Company.

In December, heavy rains caused more than a foot of water to flood the store, causing about $30,000 in damaged merchandise.

Store manager Anne Carter Bean says the store has bounced back from the loss.

"We're actually better than we were before the flood," Bean said. "Our business has picked up."

Even with the flood waters long gone, town officials are taking steps to prevent major flooding from happening again.

"I would say it's project number one," said Denton Mayor Larry Ward.

Ward says within a few weeks, the state will put in new drainage pipes along Highway 109 and other major roads.

He says another part of the plan is setting up routine maintenance of storm drains to keep them clear of debris.

The town is also trying to buy a jet vacuum truck to suck up water during a flood.

It’s a plan people like Bean say is a good idea.

"Water is something that is very difficult to deal with," Bean said.