Amputee robbed in NC, beaten by girlfriend’s ex-husband

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Holly Mesker

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — Sonya Finch said she woke up to a loud knock on her door Thursday morning and found her neighbor, Aaron Sanders, bloodied and bruised, WSOC reported.

“It still kind of haunts me,” Finch said.

Gaston County police said two men broke into Sanders’ home, robbed him and nearly beat him to death using a bat and a stun gun, while flashing a machete.

Police said his live-in girlfriend, Holly Mesker, conspired with her ex-husband to carry out the assault after Mesker and Sanders got into an argument.

Both are now charged with first-degree attempted murder, and burglary, among other charges.  Police said a third person is also being held on related charges.

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