Burlington officers pitch in to buy family new bikes after vandalism

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BURLINGTON, N.C. – A couple of officers were responding to a disturbance call last Friday in Burlington, when they noticed a window damaged, smashed in by a thrown bicycle.

It belonged to 8-year-old Braydon Pleasant, who lived at the home. The boy was visibly upset, hoping it could be fixed. Officers did all they could, but the handle bars and wheels were bent beyond repair.

The situation got officers thinking about ways to help.

“We go on calls all the time where children are less fortunate than what we had growing up and it just felt like we needed to do something right for our community,” said Officer Cody Westmoreland, who responded to the call.

That’s when the gears got moving for the officers on scene; a plan to help Braydon and his little sister.

“We talked about it, talked to the team about it, and the team came up with let’s just buy the both of them new bikes, for Braydon and Journi since it was her birthday,” said Officer Alan Fagg.

A couple of officers chipped in to buy two brand new bikes, surprising the kids for Journi’s 3rd birthday.

“She [the mother] said this was the first interaction her children have had with the police, and she said it was probably the best interaction she probably could have ever had,” Westmoreland said.

Police also brought over their K-9, Duke, knowing Braydon had a desire to work with K-9s possibly in the military when he got older.

“We would much rather meet under these circumstances where we can play, interact with the kids on a positive note and let them know we're here to help,” said K-9 Handler James Faucette.

The kids’ mother called the surprise a blessing, as for Braydon he now says when he grows up, he wants to be a cop.

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