Rain pounds Statesville, floods homes and school buses

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STATESVILLE, N.C. -- Rain pounded Statesville Wednesday, leaving people wondering how they are going to clean up the mess.

The people who live on North Tradd Street in Statesville expect some flooding when it rains, but after more than seven inches of rain things were different.

"When it's just raining nobody is really paying attention to what it's gonna do... but it hit hard this time," said Robert Stevenson. Stevenson's dog died when his basement flooded.

Statesville emergency workers rescued 18 people from cars and homes and responded to several car accidents. They say no one was injured.

But Stevenson and his neighbors can't say the same for their homes.

"My refrigerator was floating, a big ottoman was floating," Stevenson said as he counted up what was damaged.

The creek that runs through Statesville High School overflowed after hours of rain. Four school buses took a hit too, with the water reaching the hoods of the buses at one point. School transportation officials say they'll need a little bit of work before they are back on the roads.

Stevenson says he went down to the basement to try to rescue the family dog, but the water was up to his waist and too strong to get through.

"It held me firmly up against the wall. If you just take a walk around the house you can see where the line was but it was like a force," he said.

Stevenson and others on his street say they haven't seen flooding quite like this in years.

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