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Man charged after dog chews its foot off to escape leash

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BOSTON — A Massachusetts man is facing charges after his dog was left tied up so long that it bit its foot off to get away.

Kevin Kennedy is charged with felony animal cruelty and failure to pursue necessary veterinary care, according to WFXT.

On July 12, authorities found the Germany Shepherd, named Maverick, tied up with rope burns and a large wound on his right back foot.

“I have been working here for six and a half years. I have literally never seen, this is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen,” said adoption center manager Alyssa Krieger, according to WFXT. “All he has left is the base pad of his paw. All of the toes are gone and the toes were sticking out. Where he had chewed them off. It was just absolutely horrifying.”

Surgery to repair Maverick’s foot is slated for July 27. After surgery, the veterinarians hope to put the dog up for adoption.

You can help support Maverick by donating to his surgery fund.

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