Piedmont mom takes a risk and it pays off with ‘The Porch’

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- "The Porch," a bustling, little lunch spot even on a Tuesday, tucked into Winston-Salem's funky and fun West End Mill Works area couldn't have any other name, because that's exactly where it all started.

"I just had this idea. Families eating together is so important, it's not so much about the food, but about the time and being together that is so nourishing," said Claire Calvin. "So, I just couldn't stop thinking about the idea of cooking meals and having them picked up on my porch or delivering them to other people's porches."

She toyed with the idea during an entire two-day car trip back home from Texas, worrying and wondering about all of the "what-ifs."

"I decided that next morning to go ahead and sent my first blog post. It just felt like I had to take that risk and I'm so glad," Calvin said. "It was nerve-wracking for sure. You don't know who will respond, what will happen. It's kind of like putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, but that's where good things can happen."

Her idea was a hit. Her porch meal delivery business grew to serving 80 families a week. After three years, she opened The Porch Kitchen & Cantina, an award-winning, eclectic and brightly covered cantina, known for its enchiladas and famous queso dip.

"I just really wanted a place to go that has really good, fresh food, but not fancy. A place kids are welcome, too."