Blog: Day 3 of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland

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CLEVELAND — FOX8 WGHP is covering the 2016 Republican National Convention which takes place this week in Cleveland.

Stay with this FOX8 live blog for the latest details on day 3.

dallasbbritt July 20, 20166:07 am

dallasbbritt July 20, 20168:49 am

Sen.Thom Tillis meets with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at the NC delegation breakfast. (Source: Taylor Batten)

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Paul Choate July 20, 20162:08 pm

Paul Choate July 20, 20163:11 pm

Paul Choate July 20, 20163:11 pm

Paul Choate July 20, 20163:11 pm

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Paul Choate July 20, 20166:26 pm

Members of the NCGOP delegation “dabbin'” at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As part of the trip, the NC delegation has a social trip/event planned for each day before the convention activities.

Paul Choate July 20, 20168:04 pm

Paul Choate July 20, 201610:05 pm

Big screens go dark just before Mike Pence speech.

Paul Choate July 20, 201610:06 pm

Only half the big screen working as Eric Trump speaks.

Paul Choate July 20, 201610:38 pm