Atlanta woman buys dinner for hungry veteran

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ATLANTA — An Atlanta woman was playing Pokemon Go when she was approached by a weak looking, older man.

“I know I must have appeared lost, looking at my phone screen and walking around trying to find a specific Pokemon near me,” said Kimberly Schintzius in a Facebook post.

Her post said the man asked her if she needed help finding something and she said no and began to explain the game to him.

In the midst of the conversation, he asked her for food and said he did not want alcohol or cigarettes, just something to eat.

“Since I was just going to get myself some pasta salad I went ahead and ordered a whole meal that came with pasta salad as a side and I just kept the side for myself and handed him the rest of food I had ordered for him.”

After dinner, the man thanked her for her kindness and identified himself as Daniel Wise, a Vietnam veteran.

“From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the kindness you showed me today and letting me see that there are still young people like you out there who do selfless things like this in a world that often turns its back on old men like me and pretends we don’t exist.”