Two poodles left in hot car in Connecticut for more than an hour

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SOUTHINGTON, Conn. — Two poodles were left inside a hot car for more than an hour at an apartment complex in Southington.

The owner of the dogs allegedly told police he did nothing wrong, but a Good Samaritan had stepped in to make sure the animals were safe.

“They were panting. Their eyes were bugged out,” said Nancy Velardi, who saw the dogs when she went out to her parking lot of her Flanders West apartment. “I came up to the car and found two poodles locked in a vehicle.”

She immediately called police and said they removed the dogs from the car and put them in the back of their cruiser, turning up the air conditioning and giving them water.

Meanwhile, Velardi went inside looking for the owner.

“He came out and the man didn’t believe he did anything wrong because he said he was parked in the shade,” Velardi said.

Officers spent 45 minutes explaining the dangers of leaving pets in a locked car.

Unfortunately, Velardi said many people are missing the memo and she hopes the recent close calls make an impact.

In two cases last week, dogs were left in cars last week in Southington too.

“Hopefully other people will learn from this…you can’t leave your dog in the car. You can’t leave your kids in the car,” Velardi said.

Once the poodles were no longer in distress, police gave them back to the owner. He was not charged, but was given a warning.

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