Officer rappels 100 foot down ravine to rescue puppy

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Officers rappelled down 100 feet to a ravine to rescue a 10-week-old German shepherd in Pauma Valley Tuesday.

Take one scared, whimpering puppy and one heroic animal control officer; add in a daring rescue with a happy ending — and you have all the elements for an aww-inducing story.

A 3-month-old stray German shepherd fell into a 200-foot rocky ravine in Pauma Valley, California, about an hour north of San Diego. Thankfully, she was able to grab hold of a bush halfway down.

There she was, holding on for dear life, whimpering so loud its cries could be heard at the top of the ravine.

Enter Denise Gove. She’s a member of the Animal Response Team in San Diego County. And she knows a thing or two about rappelling.

“I called Denise and explained the situation. She expressed that she has been trained in rappelling and was eager to respond,” Lt. Loren Bunnell, of San Diego’s Department of Animal Services told the County News Center. “[The puppy] clung onto that bush until Officer Gove dropped from the sky to rescue.”

The pup’s being cared for at San Diego County’s animal care facility and will be ready for adoption on Friday.

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