Local students learn about the Gulf Stream with messages in bottles

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Sometimes it pays to go low-tech. Just ask Mrs. Schambach’s class.

Susan Schambach teaches second grade at Summit School in Winston-Salem and decided that the best way to teach her students about something like the Gulf Stream isn’t to stare at paragraphs and a chart in a textbook … it was to drop something into it and see what happens.

Two years ago, Paul McManus did and, now, “Everybody thinks I’m famous,” says Paul (now a fourth grader at the Triad Academy at Summit School).

Can’t blame them. What Paul – and a young lady near Calias – did has been written up, four times, in French newspapers and – even bigger than that, in this edition of the Buckley Report.

See what Paul and the rest of Mrs. Schambach’s class do, each year, and what it is teaching them.

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