Father of 3-year-old saved by 4 Winston-Salem police officers speaks

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Last Friday, when four Winston-Salem police officers heard reports of a child choking, or possibly being choked, they rushed to respond. What happened next has the officers being hailed as heroes.

Kayden Hairston, 3, was eating a sandwich inside his family’s Winston-Salem home when he had a seizure. Kayden began to choke, sending his parents into a frenzy trying to save him.

“I was giving him the Heimlich maneuver, I was blowing in his mouth, sticking my finger down there, trying to do CPR, everything possible,” said Kayden’s father, Ka’Ron Hairston.

As Ka’Ron continued lifesaving efforts, 911 was called, and Winston-Salem police officers D. S. Galbreath, A. N. Mea, J. L. Long and A. R. Cruise responded. When they arrived, Kayden was not breathing and without a pulse.

“He was just unresponsive, he was limp, his eyes were just showing, he was out of it,” Ka’Ron said.

The officers joined Ka’Ron in efforts to bring Kayden back to consciousness.

“The police officer was doing CPR on him and as she was doing CPR I was just blowing in his mouth, blowing in his mouth,” Ka’Ron recalled.

About two to three minutes later, Kayden came back and was taken to the hospital. It was there where officers from the department came to visit.

“The sergeant, he kind of teary eyed too, he said his son went through the same thing,” Ka’Ron said.

Kayden was kept overnight to make sure he had no damage to his torso, but has since been released and his parents say he is doing well.

“He’s a little strong boy, because he wasn’t gonna die today, he was fighting, he was fighting,” Ka’Ron said.

He was awarded for his strength with a cake from his parents.

“He was thinking it was a birthday cake, I was like, ‘No, this is a hero cake, because you are daddy’s hero.’ I had to tell him, let him know, you’re my hero buddy,” Ka’Ron said.

Now, Ka’Ron is also calling the officers heroes.

“I just thank the police for being there,” he said.

It is Ka’Ron’s wish that he will be able to reunite Kayden with the officers who helped save his life.

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