Beaver attacks 67-year-old paddleboarder on Beaver Lake

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A 67-year-old woman says she was attacked by a beaver while paddleboarding on Beaver Lake Friday.

Betsy Bent said that the beaver knocked her board over from underneath the water before latching to her leg, Citizen-Times reports.

Bent says a fisherman on the lake helped knock the beaver off her twice, but it continued to attack her before finally letting go. The incident led to stitches and a need for rabies shots.

“It’s pretty rare, but it has happened before and it has happened in North Carolina before,” said Mike Carraway, a wildlife biologist with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. “In a situation like that, you want to treat it like it is rabies.”

Asheville Animal Control caught the beaver and its being tested for rabies.

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