72-year-old Vietnam vet left in fear after tree falls on home and car

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Robert York, 72, served as a Marine sniper in Vietnam. There, he learned to live without fear. However, an incident which happened at his home last Friday has brought that emotion back.

“I don’t know what’s ahead of me and that’s the fear that I have right now. I’ve never experienced that before,” York said.

Around 6:30 Friday evening, York drove home from the VA in his 2004 Lincoln LS.

“And I get compliments for that 24/7,” York said, of the car, which -- in true military fashion -- he kept clean of even the smallest speck of dust.

He changed into pajamas and went to rest in bed. But, shortly thereafter, a storm rolled through the area.

“I heard this real big bang and I looked in my kitchen windows and I saw tree limbs and everything,” York said.

A large tree had fallen onto his house and car, trapping him inside the home. It was there where he says he waited to be rescued by Winston-Salem police officers.

“My niece and everybody that tell me that it’s God’s message to me, that for him keeping me here for 72 years, it’s something that he want of me that I have not recognized,” he said. “And I get the message, I get the message.”

Although he feels lucky, York is now left with an uninhabitable home which he was renting and a car which is totaled.

“I’m naked,” York said, figuratively. “I’m out here without anything. No car, no finances to get something else.”

York, who has been diagnosed with PTSD, is currently staying with his niece. But, he told FOX8 he needs some way of getting to and from the VA for appointments.

“What’s beating me up now is I’m in a situation which has taken me completely out of my comfort zone,” he said.

It’s his hope that someone, whose freedom he fought to protect, will lend the helping hand he needs.

“It was an act of God, but I got to go beyond this,” he said. “I need somebody who will help me to get through this right here.”

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