What’s up with the brutal summer colds?

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- No doubt about it, summer colds are no fun. When you're stuffy and coughing and your body aches and your throat is sore -- and it's sunny and nice outside? That's a bit too much to take.

"Summer colds do tend to last longer and they come back more often," said Novant Health Nurse Practitioner Beverly Knott. "They do feel worse than colds in the winter because they are often accompanied by the enterovirus, which can cause symptoms to last longer."

Unlike in the winter, when you're sick and just snuggled up in bed to get better, in the summer, people are more likely to stay active and outdoors because the weather is much nicer.

"You're active, you want these symptoms to dissipate very quickly and they don't always do that," said Knott. "If you're sick with symptoms of the common cold, you need to give it 7-10 days, try over the counter cold medicines and load up on vitamin C. If you don't feel better after 10 days, go see your doctor to see if you are dealing with another type of respiratory infection. Most importantly, hydrate and get plenty of rest so you can feel better faster."