‘We do care’: Burlington man shows support for police officers amid threats

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- In a neon yellow shirt, with a neon yellow poster, it was hard to miss Casey Lamb in downtown Burlington Monday.

"With my age, I can't do a lot," Lamb said. "But this is something I can do."

For hours, he stood in the heat of the day to show his support for police officers in Burlington.

"I've had probably a thousand cars go by me, blow the horn, wave at me," Lamb said. "Only one negative comment. I think that goes to show how many people really do appreciate the police department."

But not all are supporters of Burlington police.

Since five officers were shot and killed in Dallas, Burlington police Capt. Brian Long said the department has received a few credible threats against officers' safety. All were posted to social media and brought to the attention of the police department.

"And the folks that posted -- we know them," Long said. "We knew them before last Thursday. They've had previous encounters with us."

Lamb said holding a poster outside for a few hours -- with the words "Honor Our Police" on one side, "BPD - We have your back" on the other -- isn't much.

But Capt. Long said it's part of a broader wave of generosity BPD has been fortunate to receive.

"We've had flowers delivered, food brought and shared with us," he said. "We really do appreciate it."