Python that escaped from Zoo Atlanta has been found

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ATLANTA — The python that escaped from Zoo Atlanta’s outdoor enclosure on Saturday has been located.

The Timor python, which is non-venomous and non-aggressive, had the internet freaking out over the weekend.

Luckily, zoo officials were able to locate the animal and safely return it to its enclosure.

Here’s Zoo Atlanta’s initial Instagram post about the python.

Teams at Zoo Atlanta are on the lookout for a Timor python which escaped an outdoor enclosure in the Zoo’s behind-the-scenes Conservation Breeding Center on July 9, 2016. This animal was not housed in a public area of the Zoo. It is not venomous and does not represent a danger to humans or pets, but for the snake's well-being, it is important to us that it be returned to its home at the Zoo. The snake is between five and six feet long, one to two inches in diameter, and weighs approximately 3 kilograms. It has a yellow and dark-brown patterned skin.The Timor python is a non-venomous, semi-arboreal snake species native to Southeast Asia. The species is shy, non-aggressive and prefers to avoid humans. Timor pythons typically feed on birds and small mammals and do not pose a hazard to humans or domestic pets. This animal is unlikely to eat anything heavier than 2 pounds in weight. Sightings of this animal should be reported to Zoo Atlanta at 404.624.5670. As is the case with any Georgia native snake, individuals should not attempt to approach or capture the snake, as it should be considered a wild animal. Additional updates will be provided as they are available.

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