Customers outraged after Pennsylvania Walmart employee with cerebral palsy is fired

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EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Customers at a Pennsylvania Walmart are in an uproar after a popular employee with cerebral palsy was fired after 20 years.

Daniel Ockenhouse, 41, was let go because he couldn’t keep up with the new demands of the job, WBRE reports.

The branch is one of many Walmart’s in American starting a program called “More at the Door.” The store switched it’s greeter position to “customer host” and it requires more work checking receipts and helping with returns.

According to former employees, Ockenhouse would do anything he could to make it to work. He traveled two miles each day in his motorized wheelchair to and from work and would sleep in the store overnight during bad weather so he didn’t miss his shift.

“I just want my job back, and I want to be appreciated,” Ockenhouse told the Pocono Record. “The customers appreciate me.”