Sunnyside Ministry provides local families with food

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- At the Sunnyside Ministry in south Winston-Salem, their main concern is finding enough food to provide more than a quarter of a million meals, every year.

“Our clients really like getting the fresh produce, because that's something they don't often see,” says David Holston, Sunnyside's director.

They don’t often see who provides some of the food and that might surprise them because hundreds of pounds of that food … come from the correctional facility, across town.

“A lot of the public - our opinion - they kind of look at you slanted, a little bit,” says Sgt. Tommy Kennedy, who oversees the vegetable garden at the Forsyth Correctional Facility.

He leads men who have made some mistakes but believe in making up for those by helping feed others.

“When you do something from the heart, you just feel better for it,” says Kennedy.

Rodney Ingram has taken such ownership of his part of the garden that he feels like the crops are almost family.

“I need my corn to get some water - my babies, right there, you see the babies?” says Ingram.  “And then my okra in the back needs some water.  It's coming.  Just hold on, it's coming.”

Anthony Wright is another inmate who was inspired to join the program because of all the help he saw coming into the correctional facility from the outside when he was first sent there.

“It was unreal how the people from the outside world was coming in and giving - volunteering and donating and giving all this stuff,” says Wright.  “It was around Christmas time and I was wondering, 'Wow, what can I give back?'”

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