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Nebraska man ticketed again after hiding under car, touching woman’s feet

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska police ticketed a man accused of hiding under a woman’s vehicle as it was parked at a grocery story and grabbing her ankle when she came near.

Police cited Jesse Michael Johnson, 20, for disturbing the peace after the incident was reported Tuesday, according to KOLN.

It is the fourth time in one year that he has been accused of similar crimes. Three of those cases have happened since March 2016.

“I just have this weird addiction and odd behavior,” Johnson said. “I don’t know why.”

A 48-year-old woman called police after she felt a hand grab her ankle as she left an Aldi grocery store in Lincoln Tuesday afternoon, police said. At the contact, the woman screamed and a man, identified as Johnson, rolled out from under her vehicle and fled the area.

For his part, Johnson claimed he never touched the woman.

“I was hiding under the vehicle simply for the visual,” he said.

He told the paper he has tried to get help for his behavior in the past, but had to stop going to a counselor in recent years because of financial issues.

His arrest came just two days after he was released from jail in connection to a similar case reported at a Lincoln Walmart, where he allegedly hid under a woman’s truck and touched her foot when she came near.