McCrory mocks Cooper with milk carton ad, pressures for FOX8 debate

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NC Governor Pat McCrory on Tuesday sent out an ad mocking NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, accusing him of hiding and inviting him to debate at FOX8. Cooper’s campaign released his debate locations, but FOX8 was not listed among them.

“Triad voters deserve to hear directly from the candidates for governor on the issues that matter most like jobs and education. That’s why Governor McCrory has agreed to debate Roy Cooper at least seven times, including on Fox 8,” said Russell Peck, McCrory’s campaign manager. “We hope Roy Cooper comes out of hiding and accepts this important debate invitation instead of dodging debates and avoiding questions about his plans to raise taxes. If anyone sees Roy Cooper, please dial the ‘Missing Attorneys General Hotline’ at 1-800-509-4097.”

In response, Cooper’s campaign commented back, blaming the McCrory administration for putting political games ahead of his responsibilities as governor.

“The constant theme of the McCrory administration has been putting political games ahead of actually accomplishing anything. We have committed to three debates with Governor McCrory in the coming months, including this Friday in Charlotte, and hope the governor will join us for a thoughtful discussion of the issues,” said Jamal Little, Cooper’s campaign spokesman.

Little also said, “Four years ago, Governor McCrory’s campaign said debates are a ‘desperate attempt to change the subject.’ Governor McCrory’s attempts to distract from his discriminatory HB2 and lagging poll numbers fall short with voters.  North Carolinians deserve better than this and are ready for a change of priorities in Raleigh.”

The milk carton asks people to call 1-800-509-4097, which says: Have you seen Attorney General Roy Cooper? He’s supposed to be at work but he doesn’t release his public schedule, so no one knows where he is or what he’s doing all day. Last seen running away from reporters, trying to ask about his plans to raise taxes on North Carolina families. He may of fled to Hollywood or Washington, D.C. to raise money from Liberal megadonors. If you’ve seen Attorney General Roy Cooper, please leave us a message and tell us where he is. Thank you for calling the North Carolina missing Attorney Generals hotline and have a great day.