10-year-old girl wins battle with huge fish

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GRAND HAVEN, MICH. – In the battle between a 10-year-old Grand Haven girl and a big, tough catfish, the winner is 5th grader Sasha Wheeler.

“I was fighting it for more than 5 minutes,” she recalls. “My arms were killing me.”

According to WZZM, Sasha and her father Brooks Wheeler were fishing from the Grand Haven pier when she hooked the big fish.

“Sasha had her pole with a night crawler out in the water,” he says. “Her pole bent right over.  She ran over and grabbed it and the fight was on.”

“I had to try so hard to get it up to the water,” she says. “It will fight back which makes it harder.”

Finally, they had the big flathead catfish in the net and on the pier.  Because of its 41” length, Sasha qualifies for a Master Angler Award from the D.N.R.  It will be her 13th certificate.

“Last year she caught the fourth biggest salmon in the state,” says Sasha’s father.  “She has been fishing since she was probably 1 year old.”

“I love fishing because I like to be with my dad,” explains Sasha.

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