Warrants reveal more details about Rockingham Co. crime spree suspect

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. – The charges against 37-year-old Rontae Devore Hayes of Greensboro continues to grow.

Court documents show he’s facing the following list of charges in connection to a crime spree from this past weekend in Rockingham County:

First Degree Murder
First Degree Murder
Attempted First Degree Murder
Attempted First Degree Murder
First Degree Force Sex Offense
Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill or Inflict Serious Injury
Possession of Firearm by a Felon
Larceny of Motor Vehicle
First Degree Arson
First degree Burglary

Warrants state that Hayes is responsible for a house fire on Grooms Road in Rockingham County. Initially, Hayes was considered a person of interest, but was officially charged in that fire.

Inside the home, two men were found dead and investigators haven’t said how they died. Additionally, a woman was injured with a “serrated kitchen knife” and was found outside the home on the ground. Warrants state the woman was also sexually assaulted.

Prior to this, on the 100 block of Madison Street, warrants state Hayes stole a tan Chevrolet Impala and then hit the car owner with the front of the vehicle. Also, documents state he assaulted another individual with a beer bottle, “causing lacerations.” Hayes also shot a man in the leg who recovered from his injuries.

Hayes is also linked to a shooting that happened shortly after the Madison Street incident, this shooting happening on Knowles Road. Warrants state he shot a man who survived his injuries. Investigators also found that stolen Chevrolet Impala on fire nearby.

Hayes was also caught on camera trespassing at homes, wearing only his underwear.

District Attorney Craig Blitzer says the charges Hayes faces are under investigation. Blitzer also acknowledged that Hayes is the prime suspect in a murder that happened in Eden near the end of April 2016. Hayes was arrested in May and let go in June. Shortly after his release for jail, he allegedly committed his crime spree.

Blitzer says the Eden murder case against Hayes was dismissed due to the lack of evidence. Blitzer cited issues with witnesses, stating they were unreliable when it came to their statements and the photo lineup.

Public records also detail Hayes’ prior criminal record, which law enforcement officers say includes convictions for shooting two students outside a high school, killing a man who was convicted of shooting Hayes’ father, and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

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