Virginia student facing expulsion for bringing toy guns to school

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PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A Virginia second grader is facing expulsion after bringing two toy guns to class, WAVY reports.

7-year-old Josiah Green was suspended for ten days in May after he was caught with a water gun and a Nerf gun.

Once his suspension was up, the school told his mother he is now facing expulsion.

“It is frustrating right now,” said Josiah’s mom Audreyann Davis. “I was emotional and shocked. I understand that he’s suspended, but now you’re throwing that he could be expelled on the table.”

Audreyann Davis says she usually checks her son’s backpack before he heads off to school.

“I blame myself,” Davis added. “The one day I didn’t think about making sure he left his toys in the house.”

Like most school systems, Portsmouth has zero tolerance for guns in schools, but Davis thinks this is different.

“He’s small and he made a mistake,” Davis said. “He didn’t know what he was doing. He doesn’t even understand what’s going on and why he can’t bring his toy guns to school.”

Davis said she understands the strict policy when it comes to having guns in schools, but she believes administrators should decide punishment on a case-by-case situation.

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