The wrinkly look is in during the summer months

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – At Bicentennial Park in Greensboro, the little blue-eyed, 3 year old crooner in the thick cotton shirt couldn't be cuter, but the look that so works for him, doesn't cut it for his grandmother. She's wearing breathable linen.

The lightweight, very casual and just-a-touch wrinkly look of linen is big right now, in the heated and often sweltering summer month.

Stores in the Piedmont are stocked up with shirts, dresses and pants that are 100% linen.

Managers with Rebecca and Company and Simply Meg's say they're selling out of clothes made of the easy breezy linen fabric.

Linen's also a great excuse to not have to iron, because the look is supposed to be a little bit rumpled and wrinkly.

If you like the look and feel of linen, but can't stand wrinkles from head to toe, designers recommend mixing it up.

Wear a wrinkled top, but shorts or pants that are more pressed. Also, a darker color linen can hide more of the wrinkles.

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