Road rage leads to gunfire

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CLEVELAND — An SUV hit a car from behind. Seconds later the SUV backs up, but the driver of the car gets out with a gun. You see him fire into the air. And then, others from the car get out including at least one more man with a gun, and he fires.

A closer look at the video from WJW also shows possible gunfire from the driver’s side of that SUV.

Not much happens in this neighborhood without getting caught on camera. Many residents have video systems. In March, cameras recorded arsonists firebombing a home. And in April, they recorded a hit and run. Four young people then ran off on foot after that through Mercedes Cotner Park.

An added bonus for police in this latest case, the resident with the video also has a special camera to help record license plates.

He said, “It just helps to point out who did what.” He added, “We didn’t want to open the door. We didn’t know where they were shooting. Looked like they were shooting in the air. Bullets come down.”