McDonald’s in Rockingham County to be torn down

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EDEN, N.C. – Big Mac fans will have to find another place to eat for a few months, as McDonald’s on Van Buren Road is slated for demolition soon – but don’t worry, it will be rebuilt, according to the Greensboro News & Record.

A permit for the project was issued Thursday morning, May 26, and is good for six months, said Bob Vincent, chief building official for the City of Eden.

He said he was approached a few months ago about the project.

“It will have double drive-thru windows, and will look a lot like the McDonald’s at the other end of N.C. 135 in Mayodan,” Vincent said. “This one’s ready to go, and they’re supposed to be doing the one in Madison, too.”

It’s unclear from the architectural drawing whether outdoor seating will be available; it is clear, however, that there will be no playground, a feature which Vincent said McDonald’s “doesn’t do” anymore.

“With the fast food restaurants, if you notice, Taco Bell did a makeover, Wendy’s did a makeover, there are plans for Arby’s… it’s just one of those things [that’s done] every five or six years,” he said. “A lot of times, [restaurant owners] will come through and do a facelift, but in this case, it’s a complete tear-down and rebuild.”

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