Expansion at High Point Public Library

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point Public Library employees are excited about the expansion.

“This is going to become a focal point of High Point,” said Jim Zola, a library employee. “It'll be a gathering place. It's some place that you can show off to visitors.”

Employees say construction started back in May and will continue for several months as a clock tower, an Arts and Education Plaza and market place space is constructed.

“We've dreamed about this for years and now all of a sudden it's happening,” Zola said.

The library underwent construction back in 2008-2009, where plans for this outdoor expansion were drafted but never executed due to limited funds.

In 2016, the outdoor expansion is finally a reality and this project is more detailed than the initial plans. The project cost more than $2 million and is funded through city and state funds.

On Friday, the clock tower was installed on the corner of Main Street on the library’s property. The next stop is decorating it.

“It's 46 feet tall, it'll have a clock on each side. It'll have the North, South, East, West denotations,” said Scott Dingus, with the city’s engineering department. “It'll have a high point showing the actual high point of High Point, which is up at the railroad. And the clock tower will be something that people can see from every direction.”

The clock tower will also have a solar panel and be used as a sundial.

The Arts and Education Plaza is expected to be completed in August. It’s an outdoor extension of the library that will include an amphitheater, seat more than 100 people, have an outdoor classroom, outdoor musical instruments, picnic tables and a garden. Zola says the space will be used for schools, day cares and community events.

Following the completion of the clock tower and the Arts and Education Plaza, will come the final phase of this expansion -- the market place space that will be built in the library’s parking lot.

In that space will be market stalls with power and water for vendors to sell their goods. Zola says it’s an ideal place for the farmers markets. It’ll also serve as a place for events and gatherings.