Davidson County student graduating with 13 years of perfect attendance

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WELCOME, N.C. -- High School seniors across North Carolina will soon be walking across the stage and picking up their diplomas after 13 years of hard work and dedication.

Each student’s story of how they arrived at this point is different, but for a senior at North Davidson High School the story begins and ends with perfect attendance.

Hunter Hinson is graduating after 13 straight years without a single absence.

“There were days that I did try to play sick or something but she made me do it and I stuck to it and now I’m here today,” Hunter said, referring to his mom, Janet Martin’s devotion helping him see he goal through.

Hunter had motivation though; just six years ago his older brother Trevor did the same thing finishing high school with a 13 year perfect attendance streak. Not wanting to let his older brother show him up, Hunter pressed forward into middle and high school with a new determination.

And then there’s his mom’s story, which started with a deal with her grandmother in kindergarten.

“When I was in kindergarten I had perfect attendance and every year she said, 'If you have perfect attendance I’ll buy you something,'” Martin said.

So as she raised her own children, the standards were high and the boys achieved with mom behind them every step of the way.

“Especially here in the last couple of weeks because the seniors didn’t have to go and he was like, 'Mom I’m done, I really don’t have to be here;' and after they gave him that award on Friday he was like 'Oh, I really don’t have to go,' and I was like, 'Come on this is the last leg let’s do this,'” Martin said. “My children will tell you I’m pretty hard on ‘em, I’m one of those moms that say, 'Oh you’re not hurt go anyway.'”

Hunter says he hopes he and his brother can pass the perfect attendance achievement on to their own children someday.