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Winston-Salem Foundation partnership helps thousands

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- For many years, the Southside community didn't have a medical doctor, until six neighborhoods came together in 2006 to change that by creating the Southside Side Health Center, today known as United Health Center.

"We are able to take care of people where they are and, of course, improve their health," said LaShun Huntley, CEO of the United Health Center, which has grown from eight hundred patients in 2006 to around 8,000 today.

"Eight thousand patients, 8,000 families looking at changing the world," Huntley said. "That's one of the things we pride ourselves on."

Huntley says their start and growth came thanks to the partnership with the Winston-Salem Foundation which has awarded the nonprofit health center four grants totaling nearly $200,000. Last year a $35,000 grant helped fund a physician assistant and nurse practitioner.

"Winston-Salem Foundation has been there right from the beginning," said Huntley. "We really don't know the future and have an organization that supports us that speaks volumes."

In addition to the facility located at Southeast Plaza Shopping Center, a new one opened last August in the SECU center off Old Greensboro Road.