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Greensboro City Council increases vehicle registration fee

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — You will now pay more to register your car in Greensboro.

The Greensboro City Council voted 7-2 to increase the vehicle tax from $10 to $30 dollars Tuesday night.

Council members against the increased expressed concern that voters in their district simply could not afford the $20 increase. The $30 is the largest amount allowed by the state.

The rate increase will go towards repaving and resurfacing roads in the city, which council members said is sorely needed and will allow work to be funded immediately. Members also suggested adding street repair to a November bond.

A 4.5 percent increase in water and sewer rates was also up for a vote, but the 5-4 council vote was turned down as a six-person majority was needed to pass the motion. The council is expected to vote again on June 21.