Home of single mom, two daughters shot into in Burlington

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Burlington police found 18 shell casings outside a home on Dare Street Wednesday morning. Several of the shots hit the home where Lashaunda Vincent lives. But she says there's no way the bullets were meant for her.

"They had to have the wrong house," she said. "Because all I do is go to work and come straight home. I don't have no type of violence, drama or anything like that."

Vincent is a single mother with 9 and 12-year-old girls. She said when the shooting happened, none of them were home. They were at a sleep apnea study at Duke Children's Hospital.

"I'm glad they weren't here," she said. "Because their bedroom is where all the damages are."

Vincent pointed to multiple bullet holes in her windows and walls.

"If I stand outside, I can see clean through the room in this bullet hole here," she said.

Vincent said she was alerted to the shooting when neighbors started calling, asking if she was OK. When she returned from Duke Hospital, she called 911. None of her neighbors had.

"We need people to call," Burlington Police Asst. Chief Chris Verdeck said. "We need community involvement for these things to stop."

Vincent said she may never feel safe sleeping in her home again.

"I hope they will be caught for what they did," she said. "Because they had to have had the wrong house."

There are no suspects at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

The Burlington Police Department asks that anyone with information contacts Crime Stoppers at (336) 229-7100. All calls to Crime Stoppers are anonymous.